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First impressions count and you never get a second chance to make a first impression!


We at BTZWeb understand that in today's business world, more than ever first impressions are made by a company's website and not their brochure, sales person or owner.


You have less than 30 seconds to capture a website visitor's interest and because information on the web is readily available and easily accessible, if your website doesn't 'grab hold' of a visitor, they are gone.


Everything matters in website design. Your website needs to be attractive and appealing to captivate a visitor's attention, and your website must be content and keyword rich to even be found on search engines like Google and Bing, much less show up on the first page. Further, programming, layout, design, ease of use, navigation and color selection all play important parts in your website's performance, conversion rate and return rate.


BTZWeb's senior staff has a combined 100 years of experience in website design and programming, marketing and sales, advertising and search engine optimization. Our development team is not just a couple of people that started building websites at 12 in their basements (although we do have a couple of those), rather our development team includes marketing, advertising, sales and graphic design experts with years of experience and success running other businesses that have focused their expertise into supporting the marketing and advertising efforts of your company through website design, corporate identity, graphic design, search engine optimization and search marketing.


Our professional design team works to identify your company's goals and then develop a website that supports and fulfills those goals. Every site we build has a professional design and feel and is built on the current technologies available for self content management and search engine optimization.

BTZWeb - because your business will never get a second chance to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION!

Web Design Packages

Basic Plan

The Basic plan is a great starter website for a company or business that has limited product or service offerings. Learn More

Corporate Plan

This Plan is for businesses and organizations that have multiple business lines and need a larger volume of content, feeds and dynamic content. Learn More

Website Maintenance

Updating your website content is also important as part of your SEO strategy, as websites that are periodically changed are deemed more active and trusted by search engines than sites that don't change over time. Learn More

Our team has the ability to provide enhanced editing as well as services like: Content Editing, Content Research and Copywriting, Photo Editing / Adding / Deleting / Tagging, Graphics and Design Editing, E-Commerce Products Adding / Editing / Deleting, New Page Creation, Press Release / Article / Blog Posting to your Website,

Company Plan

This Plan is designed for larger more established businesses or business models that require dynamic content. Learn More

eCommerce Ad-On

Our E-Commerce Add-On is available on any of our website design plans and may be attached to any existing website. Learn More

Search Engine Optimization

We use three main strategies at achieving high organic search results placement for your website Learn More

  • Search Engine Optimized Website Design and Architecture - We design your site to maximize indexing, internal linking and tag creation.
  • Keyword Enriched and Optimized Content - Once the architecture of your site is complete, we next focus on content.
  • Rank Building - Because SEO is so competitive, it is rare that you will achieve top placement in major search engines without both relevancy and rank. News & Updates

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